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Boiler having one important role in the industry, once it has unplanned shutdown – you will have a big problem. On the other side, the most critical part of the boiler operational is to make sure you maintain the performance at its best.

Primary function of the boiler is to transfer heat from hot gases generated by the combustion of the fuel to water to produce steam or hot water for industrial or process use. Boiler feedwater often contains impurities, which impairs the boiler operations and efficiency. An often overlooked fact is that the water treatment program usually represents a small percentage of the overall cost of boiler operation. However, poor treatment or equipment performance can have a domino effect, increasing the operating cost and maintenance cost.

What do we need to take care on Boiler Water Treatment?

Chemical conditioning of feed water to steam generation system is essential to prevent corrosion and scale formation. The feed water to the steam generation system shall be free from oxygen and CO2. Mechanical system like a degasser, can remove the CO2 and Oxygen to some extent but with the help of high performance catalysed oxygen scavengers, operators can achieve complete oxygen free feed water to steam generation systems thus preventing the oxygen pitting and acidic corrosion in steam generation systems. Foaming in the system due to impurities in the feed water can carry away boiler water to steam leading to damage to downstream mechanical systems like turbine, desuperheater etc. A high performance speciality anti-foaming agent shall ensure no water is carried away along with steam.

Boiler feed water pH plays an important role of scale formation in the heat exchange circuit. Typically the boiler feed water pH usually kept between 8.3 and 9.0, which shall ensure that a stable layer of magnetite is always persistent on the water-side surface of the boiler, thus protecting the material underneath from further corrosion. Scaling in steam generation/boiler systems can cause an increase in overall fuel requirement for the system, subsequently leading to increase in carbon emissions. Boiler feed water shall be dosed with high performance speciality scale preventative which shall prevent the scale formation which shall ensure peak heat transfer efficiency, avoid unplanned shutdown and controlled carbon footprints of the system.

Every boiler in different location need different water treatment!

What is your boiler type and capacity? Are you located on high mineral area which carry on your feed water? or it has specific pH hence you need to treat it? You have to understand your problem then you can can solve it, not just adding as many chemical as possible – and expect all problem will be solved. Ok, it might seems solve your problem and you might still got good feed water quality, but the question is: do you really need all those chemicals?

With more than 10 years of experiences in boiler water treatment, Artha Inti Manunggal always give you free consultation first before decide which solution is suit your need, we are not only talk about chemical, we are talking about optimised solution for you, how to solve your problem at best and with lowest cost. We also able to make customised solution for you. Just call our customer support and we will discuss further.

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Our unique solution of water treatment for boiler consist of:

Online Treatment

Overton 18 is a liquid an on-line treatment containing is a blend chelating agent, oxygen scavenger and dispersant. Overton 18 is formulated to provide complete protection against corrosion and prevent the scale build up. Overton 18 is recommended for use in low and medium pressure boilers where pure steam is required.

Neutralising Amine

Overton 35 is usually added to the boiler with the normal boiler water treatment chemical. It then steam distill and condensate with the steam so that the condensate is rendered alkaline. Upon being fed back into the boiler, it again volatiles and re-cycles throughout the system.


Scale Preventative

Overton 24 is a complex blend of phosphates, dispersant and antifoam agents formulated to give maximum protection against scale formation in boilers.

Oxygen Scavenger

Overton 36 is a Catalyzed Oxygen scavenger in high Pressure boilers or high pressure hot water circuits.