Water Treatment Chemicals

There are plenty of chemical suppliers in Indonesia and all over the world, which offer various types of chemical for water treatment with different price and quality. It is very important to make sure you got the right solution for your chemical requirement, whether it is on get the right type of chemical as well as the right doze for your requirement.

Reduction in operating cost, maintenance cost and waste, while increasing the profit margins is not only difficult, it’s important to operate a profitable business today. At Artha Inti we can help boost your business performance by identifying the problem and mitigating them, applying the most cost effective treatment programmes, as well as monitoring and delivering the results of highest standards.

Chemical for Chiller, Cooling Tower, RO, Rust and Siliceous Scale Removal

PT Artha Inti Manunggal knows that a true water treatment expert offers more than breakthrough products. In addition to a water treatment product line that includes boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, RO membranes cleaners for a variety of tasks, we deliver industry-leading expertise and a team of solutions specialist. We always places a high priority on conserving water resources. With our unique technology for membranes and intelligent treatment concepts for reverse osmosis, we significantly increase the efficiency of raw water. Talk to us today and see how we can develop an elegant solution for your most demanding steam generation systems, cooling water systems, reverse osmosis systems.

With technical expertise and experienced in an advanced treatment technologies for the practical solutions of all industry complications with an innovative, specialty in leading chemical technology of water treatment contributing in environment, municipal and industrial process markets.

Unique scientific formulation of our innovative product range ensure the water treatment chemicals for cooling towers, steam boilers, reverse osmosis membrane products, effluent treatment wastewater and closed circuits eco-friendly biological chemicals formulations.

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Get the Right Partner for Your Chemicals Requirement

PT. Artha Inti Manunggal has the specialty and expertise on Chemicals for water treatment, for various industries in different application. Food, Beverages and Pharmaceutical are developing and Artha Inti has been support many projects in Indonesia. Our product range of chemicals are categorised as below: