E-Cell by GE

E-Cell technology by GE is an Electrodeionization (EDI) system to remove residual salts and silica, carbon dioxide, boron and ammonia from your water. This technology has no chemical add-on, to get 97% water recovery and only using electricity.

In Indonesia, e-cell by GE quite often used in water treatment for food, beverage and pharmaceutical application. The advantages of this technology are:

  • No chemical used
  • Energy savings
  • Less footprint
  • Help to meet ISO 14000 standard

Why Artha Inti?

We have used GE’s e-cell for many years on our own water treatment systems and we understand the market requirements. The most important things when you decide to choose the equipment is the local support and after sales service – and that’s exactly why we are here. Just contact our customer service and we will give you the best optimum solution you need.

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GE’s e-cell Products

MK-2 Stack

E-cell MK-2 Stack is standard unit designed for flow rate 1.7 – 3.4 m3/h per stack

MK-2 MiniHT

E-cell MK-2 MiniHT is Heat Sanitizable and designed for flow rate 0.57 – 1.37 m3/h per stack

MK-2 Pharm

E-cell MK-2 Pharm is designed for flow rate 1.59 to 4.09 m3/h per stack.


MK-2 PharmHT

E-cell MK-2 Pharm Heat Sanitizable is designed for flow rate 1.6 to 4.1 m3/h per stack.