Cooling Tower Water Treatment Indonesia

Cooling tower is one of the critical part of your process industries, the selection of cooling tower should be done properly since the beginning, make sure that your cooling tower able to serve requirement for the production as well as other utility equipments.

Located outdoor and with the environment of industrial area sometimes could be very tough for your cooling tower. With ambient temperature increase and unclean environment, makes treatment of your cooling tower become more important and has to be done properly.

What do you need to take care on Cooling Tower Water Treatment?

Cooling water systems provide a perfect setting for growth of algae and other micro organisms which multiply, and cause deposit problems in heat exchange equipment. Microbial growth can sturdily persuade corrosion, fouling, and scale formation, if not controlled properly. These problems can have a catastrophic effect on the value of the entire process or operation, ultimately leading to increased maintenance & replacement cost, frequent shutdowns for cleaning and replacement of component, reduced heat transfer effectiveness and therefore reduced energy effectiveness of the process.

Improper treatment of make-up water also create huge problem with consequences where you have to replace the whole set of your cooling tower. Blowdown often have not been done properly which will bring you another issue and at the end it’s all about cost!

Every cooling tower in different location need different treatment!

Cooling Tower nowadays has two different types, open and closed cooling tower.  Each of this type has its own advantages and different way for the maintenance as well. Indonesia with its tropical weather quite often has ambient temperature at more than 30 degC, therefore to make sure that your production really get the required cooling water temperature, all of those cooling tower has to be maintained perfectly, otherwise domino effect might happened to your production process once the temperature increase and your cooling tower not able to work maximum.

PT. Artha Inti Manunggal with more than 10 years of experience realised that it’s very important to discuss on your problem and what do you really need, not only adding all chemicals into your cooling tower. Let us know what do you need and our team will support you further.

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Our unique solution of water treatment for Cooling Tower consist of:

Biocide for Cooling Tower

Overton 11 is formulated for the control of legionnaires disease bacteria (Legionella pneumophilia), slime forming bacteria and other microorganisms in open recirculating water systems and Overton 13 which has function as a disinfectant by the fast release of chlorine.

Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor

Overton 15 should be added continuously to the cooling water as near as possible to the pump suction in order to prevent corrosion and scale deposit in cooling tower.